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by Ruffstylz



Released as part one of The Death Of Ruffstylz series, Continuing sees Ruffstylz join forces once more with Sam Rockwell. Ruff made this statement:

“I’m proud of what I've put out, it's done what it needed to do but I want something that's more me. What I plan to do is release everything that's left in a 'The Death Of Ruffstylz' series. After that it'll be a new chapter and Flameholder will be my artist name. It's clear to me now that's what I do and that's what my life's about. Big love to everyone who's ever supported me. Thank you for your time, I'm excited about the future.”

Produced by Sam Rockwell
Mixed & Mastered by Eddie Al-Shakarchi
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released September 29, 2014



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